Extreme Canyoning

A 4-hour tour. This experience will take you hiking in the rainforest, rappelling down amazing waterfalls, trekking the river beds, and jumping into natural swimming pools. This is a must-do adventure in Costa Rica.

Your adventure kicks off with a 15-minute tractor ride, you will then take a 15-minute natural hike to the starting platform, along the way you will discover the Central Pacific transitional rainforest.

Upon arrival to the first platform, you will get all the safety instructions, and start with our 250ft auto guided repel descent. Our second decent is a rappel down the face of a 70ft waterfall, shortly after you will descend our biggest waterfall, an amazing 150ft rappel. We still have lots of fun, you will get to try our 15ft cannonball jump into a natural pool, if you don't want to jump, you can just take our guided hipline to the bottom, after this, we have our natural slide and then the waterfall avalanche.

The difficulty of the tour is medium/high, you will have to be able to, swim, climb stairs, hike for about 15 minutes, you will get completely wet, so we recommend you come with a sense of adventure.

*Transportation is optional for an additional of $5.

$99 P/P
Departure Times:
8:00am – 12:00pm
Bilingual Certified Guide, Tractor Ride, Natural hike, Waterfalls Rappels, Natural Slide, Avalanche, Fruits, Water, Snacks and Lunch.
What to bring:
Clothes you can wet in, extra clothes, towel and secure shoes.
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